Fun with Playlists

When I was in high school, someone asked me which I loved more – music or art. I said I couldn’t decide, because listening to music was such a part of the process of how I make art. Well, I’ve chosen a career in visual communication and creativity, but music is still important to me.

Last month I went to a talk hosted by Quite Strong, featuring three freelancers. One of them was Margot from Pitch Design Union. Among other useful suggestions, she recommending making short music playlists for working to set a time to really dive into a project, and then do something else afterwards. I loved this suggestion and have made some of my own, all named Merc and a number. (Because freelance originally referred to mercenaries. Seriously.) This is Merc 6, from this morning:

Merc 6 Playlist

And Merc 1, which is probably still my favorite:

Merc 1 Playlist

There’s not a lot of rhyme or reason behind the song selection – just whatever I happen to want to listen to at the time, preferably plenty eclectic and mid-to-fast tempo. Both of these are about 45 minutes each, which is the time I aim for.

I find these playlists do help me focus, although I sometimes don’t work through an entire one, or end up using a playlist and a half.

What music do you like, in general or for your own creative projects?


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