New Work, Creative Process, and Veggies

I just finished up another project for QCDC. It was a set of collateral for the Bronzeville Harvest Fest, which is connected with the Bronzeville Community Market, which was my first brief for them. This time, they sent me an idea for a poster, and I iterated from that, and then took it further. I sent in three comps, and the “further” idea ended up being chosen. Here it is:













I wanted to go for a fall colors/sack-of-veggies/seed marker look, and I think it turned out well. (QCDC’s colors are perfect for a fall event.) The typography and layout builds on my previous Bronzeville Community Market designs, which were very popular.

Here’s a postcard for the Fest:








For comparison and bonus nifty, here’s my BCM postcard:








(There have also been more literal, non-vector veggies in my life recently, as I’m starting to cook more. But that is perhaps a story for another time.)


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