Just Vector Some Gears on It…

I had a hard time figuring out what to get my partner this Christmas. One thing he had asked me to do was make a vector file of some gears to etch on brass, a la Steampunk Strat. A co-worker had also made a suggestion of getting him something like cologne. I loved the idea, especially because I make scent blends using essential oils. (Something I haven’t talked about on here before.) So I made him a cologne oil inspired by an image of a alt-Victorian inventor cooking up something mysterious in his workshop. And I made a label for it (something I hadn’t done before) as a proof of concept of my gear designs.

This is the label, enlarged so it’s more visible. (Go vectors!) The original is 1.875 x 1.25 inches – it fits a one dram vial.

From the Inventor's Workshop Label

I used some gear images from Open Clip Art and further tweaked them, as well as adding in elements I drew.

And just for fun, here is the video I took the title of this post from:


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