Something Shiny: Ancient Mars River Bracelet

I suppose it’s a good sign if I’ve been too busy doing and making cool stuff to write about it. Still, some catchup is in order.

During one of my early visits to Pumping Station: One, Shellie showed me a simple bracelet idea using a hammered wire frame as the foundation. I made a few frames and decided to add beads to them later with thinner wire.

I started adding beads to my bracelet frame during the press conference where the Curiosity team announced that the rover had found evidence of ancient running water on Mars. I finished it during the Curiosity press conference at AGU.


This is the bracelet with the clasp tucked behind it.

The colors of the bracelet are inspired by the colors of Mars in old images and pop culture, as well as recent more accurate images from Curiosity. The long line of turquoise beads represent the ancient river, and other spots of turquoise beads represent evidence for water found by other missions. The colors of the large agate slice to the right of center remind me of Spirit’s photos of blue Martian sunsets over red hills. The picture jasper reminds me of Curiosity’s landscape photos. The small hematite beads are a shout-out to the hematite “blueberries” Opportunity found. The pyrite is for texture and was also inspired by Sarcastic Rover’s “Talk Like a Pyrite Day”.


The bracelet with the clasp extended. The initial design concept was a cuff bracelet, but I realized I needed a clasp.




Some different views of the clasped bracelet. It’s fairly heavy when worn. As Shellie said when she saw it in process, it has a lot of presence to it.

Materials: Copper, agate, turquoise, red hair quartz, mookaite, picture jasper, hematite, pyrite

I’ve started working on my next bracelet. Here’s a hint: Titan!


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