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Graphic designer, jewelry artist, writer, and all-around creative. Aspiring visual science communicator and space advocate.

ShapeOko 2 Building Adventures So Far

Inventables donated a ShapeOko 2 CNC Router “The Works” kit to Pumping Station:One, and we’ve been doing a group build over four sessions so far. It’s been a chance for people to learn about open hardware and CNC firsthand from … Continue reading

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For the past few months, my CNC Build Club project has been building a ShapeOko CNC mill from a kit Jeff donated to PS:One to replace the machine hacked into a pick-and-place. The ShapeOko belongs to PS:One and will (hopefully) … Continue reading

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My First Processed Space Image

I’ve been watching and enjoying Emily Lakdawalla’s image processing tutorials and realized I need to just start playing around with images myself. So here’s a start. This is an enhanced-color image from Opportunity’s Pancam camera on Sol 3244, looking at … Continue reading

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Something Shiny: Ancient Mars River Bracelet

I suppose it’s a good sign if I’ve been too busy doing and making cool stuff to write about it. Still, some catchup is in order. During one of my early visits to Pumping Station: One, Shellie showed me a … Continue reading

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Just Vector Some Gears on It…

I had a hard time figuring out what to get my partner this Christmas. One thing he had asked me to do was make a vector file of some gears to etch on brass, a la Steampunk Strat. A co-worker … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Up To

I haven’t posted on here for more than a year. During that time, I’ve gotten a design job and continued my freelance work. I’ve joined the hackerspace/makerspace Pumping Station:One , met cool people, and begun learning to use CNC tools. … Continue reading

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