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Getting Stuff Done

I’m having a catch-up day today, so here are a couple more links about productivity, time management, and other nuts and bolts things like that. (I don’t think the “forced focus” plan would work for me, but I’m thinking something … Continue reading

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Distractions for Fun and Profit (Really)

I found a fascinating article here about embracing creative distractions. I’ve been considering my time management lately and love the idea of working with distractions and using them to benefit me, instead of trying to cut them out or ignore … Continue reading

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Swirls Pt. 1

Swirls and spirals are a big part of my jewelry design and my sketching, and I’ve been learning about how to add them into my graphic design. These are some tutorials I found. Come back for Pt. 2, when I … Continue reading

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Fun with Playlists

When I was in high school, someone asked me which I loved more – music or art. I said I couldn’t decide, because listening to music was such a part of the process of how I make art. Well, I’ve … Continue reading

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No seriously, make stuff!

That’s the most important thing I think I’ve learned from my AIGA mentor group so far: to do my own creative work and not wait for someone to give me permission. Put in a different way, Stop. Now go create. … Continue reading

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