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ShapeOko 2 Building Adventures So Far

Inventables donated a ShapeOko 2 CNC Router “The Works” kit to Pumping Station:One, and we’ve been doing a group build over four sessions so far. It’s been a chance for people to learn about open hardware and CNC firsthand from … Continue reading

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For the past few months, my CNC Build Club project has been building a ShapeOko CNC mill from a kit Jeff donated to PS:One to replace the machine hacked into a pick-and-place. The ShapeOko belongs to PS:One and will (hopefully) … Continue reading

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Something Shiny: Ancient Mars River Bracelet

I suppose it’s a good sign if I’ve been too busy doing and making cool stuff to write about it. Still, some catchup is in order. During one of my early visits to Pumping Station: One, Shellie showed me a … Continue reading

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New Work, Creative Process, and Veggies

I just finished up another project for QCDC. It was a set of collateral for the Bronzeville Harvest Fest, which is connected with the Bronzeville Community Market, which was my first brief for them. This time, they sent me an … Continue reading

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Getting Stuff Done

I’m having a catch-up day today, so here are a couple more links about productivity, time management, and other nuts and bolts things like that. (I don’t think the “forced focus” plan would work for me, but I’m thinking something … Continue reading

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Distractions for Fun and Profit (Really)

I found a fascinating article here about embracing creative distractions. I’ve been considering my time management lately and love the idea of working with distractions and using them to benefit me, instead of trying to cut them out or ignore … Continue reading

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