New Work, Creative Process, and Veggies

I just finished up another project for QCDC. It was a set of collateral for the Bronzeville Harvest Fest, which is connected with the Bronzeville Community Market, which was my first brief for them. This time, they sent me an idea for a poster, and I iterated from that, and then took it further. I sent in three comps, and the “further” idea ended up being chosen. Here it is:

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New Project!

I recently did a pro bono project – a web banner for Marvene’s House. It’s a foundation in Appalachia teaching women skills so they can get jobs. I’ve traveled a little bit in some impoverished parts of Eastern Kentucky and seen and heard a tiny bit of how difficult it can be there, so I definitely found this a worthy project.

Here’s a preview:

Marvene's House Banner Teaser







And the real thing!

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I’m back!

I just reorganized my portfolio and updated it with my latest design work for Quad Communities Development Corporation.

Take a look!

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Getting Stuff Done

I’m having a catch-up day today, so here are a couple more links about productivity, time management, and other nuts and bolts things like that. (I don’t think the “forced focus” plan would work for me, but I’m thinking something in between that and completely unstructured time would. And like the people surveyed in the data graphic, I’m all about taking walks.)

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Distractions for Fun and Profit (Really)

I found a fascinating article here about embracing creative distractions. I’ve been considering my time management lately and love the idea of working with distractions and using them to benefit me, instead of trying to cut them out or ignore them completely. It feels more helpful, not to mention possible.

The overarching theme of this blog is “my life as a working creative”, which I’ve definitely for myself as involving graphic design, jewelry, and writing, with graphic design as my career focus (as it has been for quite a while.) All the creative things I do can function as constructive distractions – I’ve known for a while that sometimes I just need to do something else and let ideas percolate, and there’s nothing like working on jewelry to help me get ideas for writing, for example. Lather, rinse, repeat with any other creative thing I might be up to.

I also like getting out and walking around to help me process information and get ideas. I love exploring my city and gaining inspiration that way – fun and healthy at the same time. I’ve had times recently when I knew that my ideas for a client would solidify once I stepped away from the computer and took some time for some fresh air.

And then of course, like the article says, there’s Youtube videos. These two new-ish Muppets Videos are some of my favorites. And believe it or not, even they can be brought back to creativity. I got a chance to see the Jim Henson exhibit when it was at the Museum of Science and Industry, and was really moved by seeing how Henson made a life from his creativity, and worked to inspire others.

What are some of your favorite useful (and not-so-useful) distractions?

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Swirls Pt. 1

Swirls and spirals are a big part of my jewelry design and my sketching, and I’ve been learning about how to add them into my graphic design. These are some tutorials I found.

Come back for Pt. 2, when I Make Stuff with my new knowledge!

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Fun with Playlists

When I was in high school, someone asked me which I loved more – music or art. I said I couldn’t decide, because listening to music was such a part of the process of how I make art. Well, I’ve chosen a career in visual communication and creativity, but music is still important to me.

Last month I went to a talk hosted by Quite Strong, featuring three freelancers. One of them was Margot from Pitch Design Union. Among other useful suggestions, she recommending making short music playlists for working to set a time to really dive into a project, and then do something else afterwards. I loved this suggestion and have made some of my own, all named Merc and a number. (Because freelance originally referred to mercenaries. Seriously.) This is Merc 6, from this morning:

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